Health assistant medical are trained health professionals who assist in the prevention and control of health related problems. These problems may led to impairment in a state of complete health or wellbeing of an individual in the community.

The genesis of their training was borne out of the need to train some essential health care givers who will assist in the attainment of health for all and millennium development related goals.

As a follow up to the inclusion of health assistant medical in the federal republic   of Nigeria scheme of service for public servants year 2000 edition. Ekiti state civil service commission in its approval titled “programme offered to assist the state civil servant” dated 30th July 2012 with reference number AD.546/93. Fabotas college of health sciences and technology Ado Ekiti admitted for training the first set of HAM students in September 20111. The college has continued unrelentlessly to train crops of Health attendants who have been stagnated on one grade level for many years without hope of promotion and advancement in their career progression till the present date.


The design of the programme arose from the need to give opportunity to past graduates of HAM to further training to acquire higher qualifications. This progarmme will also enhance their service delivery at primary health level.


A trained and certified Health Assistant Medical can rise to grade level 08 and become chief health Assistant medical while a trained and qualified Health technician can rise in career progression to grade level 13 as contained in the scheme of service foe civil servants 2006 as amended.


The college by providence have been able to turn out six sets of graduates of health assistants Medical and three sets of graduates of health technicians since the existence of the college.