General Questions

Yes ! FABOTAS College of Health Sciences & Technology is Approved by the Government and we are registered with every required bodies as well. Our Courses are approved and accredited by the required boards.

Boards are the regulatory bodies that approves and accredit each departments in a College of Health. Each department is controlled by a board and the board is responsible for inspection and screening of facilities , screening of tutors and other important areas in a department. The boards of each department have giving us the go a head !

Certificates are issued by the board of the department.  Colleges of health across the country only prepare students for board's National Examination. Certificates are uniform all over the country . These Certificates are acceptable by both private and public sectors.   

Yes.  We train our students on the use of Computers, We also have a world class WLAN E-library, where our students can connect via Wifi and read various books from our book bank.  Students can make use of the provided Laptops at the library or they can connect their PC /mobile phones via Wifi to read  the books and also download .  We also run a digitalised College. Online Course registration, online results ,hostel allocation ,E-learing systems are all available for our students.



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RRR is the short form or abbreviation for writing Remita Retrieval Reference. It is generated when you attempt to pay for your Admission form on our portal via remita. 


Yes ! We provide  decent accommodation for both boys and girls